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Everything you need to succeed. In a simple user friendly way

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Interact Core Business Apps has transformed us. We now work faster, more efficiently and we’ve added 40% more clients.

Be proactive.

Do more in less time. you can view your company's books from any location

Unlimited online support

Free and unrestricted access to customer service; support is always a click away.

Get your payment fasters

Send professional invoices and get paid faster using the interact core pos app

Claim your tax deductibles

Save and organize your expense receipts to take advantage of any tax deductions.

Inventory reporting
Smart, simple book-keeping software for small business.
Track expenses, stock level sales and customize invoices, run reports .
Get invoice payment due reminder to recover debts from customers and even more all from one place.

Know your customers activities.

It’s important to be able to know where time is spent on client work, and a regular timesheet isn’t always enough.

The interact project time tracker is a simple way for you to track time spent on projects, including hourly rates and expenses.

With Interact, you’ll have everything you need to run your business, from an easy way to organise employees to invoicing and reports.

Where did your money go? Track all expenses

Let interact core apps help you build your business faster!

You are just one click away from taking back control of your business


We will provide you documentation and video guide to enable you master and use Interact Core business management applications

We will give you all the guide and support you need to implement and use our software successfully

Grow faster with Interact.

Interact is built on the idea that growth is a journey, not a destination. 

We know that the way you grow matters, and we want to help you build better businesses for the world.

You can access and manage your books at any time from your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

There is something for everyone in interact core apps.

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What's your business performance? Know your profit or loss

Cash is king. Track your cashflow


Profit & loss, cash flow, balance sheet,


cost of product, stock value, purchase order, shipping cost.


project management, track time, invoice, time log, project members activity log


customer transactions information, invoices. advance payments, debt, credits.


customer contact data.


raw materia, labour cost, wastage,


product history, product valuation, product location, lot number tracking


supplier contact data


table, kitchen, dine-in and take-away, service staff

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Profit & loss, cash flow, balance sheet,

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"I run my business on the go. InteractCore keeps my accounts organized in the cloud. I Track sales, send invoices and see how my business is doing any time and anywhere.."
Ugo Chuks

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Be smarter, manage your business with smart software

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online accounting software is also referred to as cloud-based.

It enables users to create, store, and send invoices from any device. There is no need to store anything on your computer, nothing to install. All you have to do is go to a web browser and log in to start.

You have all of your personal data and settings right there. They are safe and sound in “the cloud.”

Absolutely! Interactcore Online is a fully cloud-based solution that can be used from any compatible browser on any computer (PC or Mac), as well as from a mobile device.

Our cloud-based servers hold all of your information when you use InteractCore. Since we recognize that your company’s data is one of its most important assets, we take every precaution to keep it safe.

Yes. One of the numerous advantages of cloud-based software is that you are always running the most up-to-date version of it. Updates are carried out automatically and will have no impact on your data in any way. When you log in, you’ll get a notification indicating that the program has been updated.

Usually, it takes less than 20 minutes. It may take a little longer if you make an offline payment, depending on when your payment is confirmed by your bank.